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Active Knee Solutions

JOURNEYII Active knee solutions

Product Information

For orthopaedic surgeons seeking treatment solutions beyond traditional knee replacements, JOURNEY II Active Knee Solutions has been engineered to empower patients with a renewed right to an active lifestyle by breaking through traditional knee replacement barriers and delivering  Function, Motion, and Durability through PHYSIOLOGICAL MATCHING

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Total Knee Replacement Solutions:




Partial Knee Replacement Solutions:



PHYSIOLOGICAL MATCHING for Function, Motion, and Durability:



Anatomic, articular surfaces are designed to help restore native anatomy and yield a normal anatomic A/P position throughout the range of motion. 


More normal muscle firing patterns are expected due to proper A/P positioning, thereby helping to prevent muscle fatigue during activities of daily living.


Improving patients’ ease of activities of daily living can be expected due to the anticipated improvements of strength and stability. 



The normal kinematic patterns of movement provide the correct environment to allow an anatomic, deep flexion performance. 



  • Extension
  • Mid-Flexion
  • Deep Flexion


  • Provides improved contact which may improve wear performance 1
  • Provides improved patella tracking which may minimize anterior pain 1, 2
  • Provides more freedom of baseplate positioning without maltracking concerns 3



VERILAST Technology, the combination of OXINIUM Oxidized Zirconium and highly cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE).  Using this technology, JOURNEY II TKA is designed to match the same high standards for wear performance.   


  • OXINIUM Oxidized Zirconium is an advanced bearing material that combines the strength of metal with the wear resistance of ceramics
  • OXINIUM Technology is 4,900 times more resistant to abrasion than CoCr 4
  • OXINIUM Technology is more than twice as hard as CoCr 5
  • OXINIUM Technology has a coefficient of friction that is up to half that of CoCr 6
  • OXINIUM Alloy femoral components are available for all JOURNEY II Active Knee Solutions products

Metal Sensitivity

  • OXINIUM Oxidized Zirconium, exclusively from Smith & Nephew, addresses the needs of nickel sensitive patients by having <0.0035% nickel content, compared to 0.5% in cobalt chrome and 0.1% in titanium.7
  • Zirconium is a nearly inert material that has not reported to induce immune reactions. 7


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